The SarcoidosisUK 20th Anniversary campaign has raised over £63,000!

Our 20th Anniversary Campaign, created to celebrate the amazing work of SarcoidosisUK over the last two decades, has officially come to a close.

A year ago we set an ambitious target of £60,000. We are thrilled and very proud to have exceeded that! Furthermore, with our research partners support, all donations are doubled This means that we now have over £120,000 to invest into research for a cure!

We could never have achieved such a remarkable amount without the help of all the amazing supporters who have been involved in the last year, either by donating or fundraising. You know who you are – you are all superstars!

Stay tuned for news soon on how and when we will be investing these funds directly into research for a cure.


Click here to find out more about the campaign! 

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