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Welcome to SarcoidosisUK!

I am the Chairperson of SarcoidosisUK and was diagnosed with sarcoidosis in 2004. I know first hand how challenging it can be to have sarcoidosis. That challenge is the reason why we all work so hard at SarcoidosisUK.

SarcoidosisUK have four main goals – to provide quality information, to provide meaningful support, to increase awareness, and to fund research towards a cure. We work with top sarcoidosis specialists to write detailed information pages and leaflets. We have different  support options so you can choose what works best for you; you can speak to a specialist nurse, you can meet others affected by sarcoidosis at one of our support groups or chat virtually in our online forums. We know it can be hard to find a doctor who understands sarcoidosis so we’ve created a recommended consultant list.

However SarcoidosisUK’s main goal is find a cure. We have funded a significant piece of research into understanding more about sarcoidosis each year for the past 3 years. We are going to fund more research this year, next year, and every year until we have found a cure for sarcoidosis.

None of our work is possible without donations. We receive no government money and are 100% reliant on your generosity. Any donation, big or small, makes a huge difference to our ability to help others and fund a cure. Please consider donating today!

Wishing you the very best,

Henry Shelford

Chairperson, SarcoidosisUK

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2 days ago

In honour of International Nurse Day on 12th May 2021, we're asking for your help to raise funds for the SarcoidosisUK Nurse Helpline! 👩‍⚕️The SarcoidosisUK Nurse Helpline exists to provide anyone affected by sarcoidosis that much needed extra information and support - and in the past year, this has been more vital than ever. The Helpline has also recently hit an incredible milestone - our SarcoidosisUK nurses have now made over 2,000 scheduled calls since the service began! 🎉 To mark the occasion we're asking for your help to raise £2000 to make sure the service can continue 💙The Helpline is run by two NHS nurses, Jo and Jenny, who have personal and professional experience of the condition. This means they have a superior knowledge and awareness of sarcoidosis and really do understand what sarcoidosis patients are going through.Since we receive no government funding, we rely on your generosity to keep support services like the SarcoidosisUK Nurse Helpline going. Please click the link below and donate whatever you can - even £1 will help us towards our goal!givepenny.com/appeal-for/sarcoidosisuk-nurse-helpline ... See MoreSee Less
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Chronic Pain Survey By SarcoidosisUK

NICE (National Institute for Care & Health Excellence) has launched a consultation on draft guidance for the assessment and management of chronic pain. SarcoidosisUK is responding to this consultation so we want YOUR feedback to represent our members' views as...

Sarcoidosis Patient Compass

The Sarcoidosis Patient Compass is an interactive tool to help guide you through your sarcoidosis journey and help you understand which questions to ask your doctor. The working group that created the Sarcoidosis Patient Compass was led by SarcoidosisUK. Available to...

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