SarcoidosisUK have come a long way in the past 20 years. We have detailed some of the milestones in the timeline below. Click the links for more information on that event.

  • 1997: SILA registered as a charity to help support people in the UK with sarcoidosis.
  • 1997: Paul Sinclare elected as Treasurer of SILA.
  • 2000: 1st SILA Support Group formed in South London. Monthly meetings at Kings College Hospital, led by Heather Walker.
  • 2003: Henry Shelford raises £30,000 for sarcoidosis research, setting the world record for the world’s highest formal dinner. Find out more here.
  • 2003-2014: SILA continues to move forward.
  • 2011: Paul Sinclare elected as Trustee and Secretary of SILA.
  • 2014: Henry Shelford elected as Chairman of SILA.
  • 2014: SILA begins formal research partnership with the British Lung Foundation (BLF); the BLF agree to double SILA’s research budget each year.
  • 2015: John Cordner joins SILA as Trustee and Treasurer.
  • 2015-16: Generous grant from anonymous foundation helps to fund professionalisation of charity operations.
  • 2015: SILA-BLF Sarcoidosis Research Grant commissioned a £116,000 2-year academic research project at the Hull-York Medical school into protein molecules. Start date April 2016. SarcoidosisUK Research.
  • 2016: Jack Richardson joined SILA as a part-time assistant in January and then became the charity’s first full time employee as Executive Officer in August.
  • 2016, May: SILA Scotland South Support Group has 1st meeting.
  • 2016, May: SILA Cardiff Support Group has 1st meeting.
  • 2016, June: SILA Bristol Support Group has 1st meeting.
  • 2016, June: SILA Central London Support Group has 1st meeting.
  • 2016, September: SILA Facebook group hits 1,000 members. Join the SarcoidosisUK Facebook Group.
  • 2016, Oct: SILA Scotland North Support Group has 1st meeting.
  • 2016, August: SILA Nurse Helpline makes its 1st call. Schedule a call.
  • 2016, November: SILA moves into its own office for the 1st time.
  • 2016, November: SILA welcomes two new trustees, Emil Gadimaliyev and Susan Wilson.
  • 2016, December: SILA prints and distributes patient information leaflets to the top 130 sarcoidosis specialists across the UK. Patient Information Leaflets.
  • 2016: SILA-BLF Sarcoidosis Research Grant commissioned a £112,000 3-year academic research project at Papworth Hospital into cardiac sarcoidosis. Start date April 2017. SarcoidosisUK Research.
  • 2016: SILA income for 2014-16 (£315,000) is nearly 3 times the amount brought in for previous 15 years (1998-2013: £115,000). Accounts and spending summaries.
  • 2017, February: SILA Nurse Helpline makes its 100th call. SarcoidosisUK Nurse Helpline.
  • 2017, February: SILA Norwich Support Group has 1st meeting.
  • 2017, March: SILA prints and distributes Employers Leaflet to advise and inform on sarcoidosis employee rights. SarcoidosisUK Employers Leaflet.
  • 2017, March: SILA Brighton Support Group holds 1st meeting.
  • 2017, April: SILA Devon/Cornwall Support Group holds 1st meeting.
  • 2017, May: Johnston Connelly joins SILA as Fundraising Officer and second employee.
  • 2017, June: SILA changes its name to SarcoidosisUK and launches new website to increase awareness of the condition and better reflect our work.
  • 2017, October: Sarcoidosis Consultant Directory announced, the first of its kind in the UK.
  • 2017, November: SarcoidosisUK Northampton Support Group holds 1st meeting.
  • 2017, December: 20th Anniversary Research Campaign Launched.
  • 2018, January: SarcoidosisUK Research Grant 2017 awarded to Dr Steven Fowler and his team at the University of Manchester.
  • 2018, January: SarcoidosisUK North Kent Support Group holds 1st meeting.
  • 2018, Febuary: SarcoidosisUK North West Support Group holds 1st meeting.
  • 2018, February: New Clinical Partnership established between Imperial College Trust and SarcoidosisUK.
  • 2018, March: Marcin Waszak joins SarcoidosisUK as Fundraising and Marketing Executive.
  • 2018, March: New SarcoidosisUK website goes live. This makes it easier for anyone affected by sarcoidosis to find the best information and support online.
  • 2018, March: SarcoidosisUK Central London Support Group moves to St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington.
  • 2018, March: Sarcoidosis FAQ Page goes live.
  • 2018, April: Inaugural SarcoidosisUK National Quiz held across the UK to raise money for our 20th Anniversary Campaign.
  • 2018, April: SarcoidosisUK Hampshire Support Group holds 1st meeting.
  • 2018, April: SarcoidosisUK Chester Support Group holds 1st meeting.
  • 2018, May: Sarcoidosis Patient Stories project launched.

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