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We are delighted to announce that The Hospital Saturday Fund (HSF) has provided SarcoidosisUK with an incredible £7,000 grant! This grant is designated towards the ongoing costs and expansion of the SarcoidosisUK Nurse Helpline over the next year.

The SarcoidosisUK Nurse Helpline is a vital aspect of the support services that the charity provides – over 800 people have spoken to a nurse since the helpline began in 2016. Sarcoidosis patients and their families often find that they do not receive sufficient information and support from their GP, or even specialist. The HSF grant will make a massive impact in helping support SarcoidosisUK to continue to provide much needed free, personalised information and support to those struggling with sarcoidosis.


SarcoidosisUK Chairperson Henry Shelford receiving the £7,000 cheque from HSF representiatives Louise Kent and Shelley Whittington. 

SarcoidosisUK is extremely grateful to The HSF for understanding the importance of the Nurse Helpline for those suffering from sarcoidosis and investing it it’s future. The HSF do so much to support the non-profit healthcare sector; in 2019 alone they will give £1.5 million in donations and grants to medical charities for care and research as well as to hospices and hospitals across the UK and Ireland (including SarcoidosisUK)! Read more about HSF’s work here.

The SarcoidosisUK team was lucky enough to meet some representatives from The HSF (as seen in the picture above). We are very excited about this new partnership and to report back on the amazing impact of their contribution to the charity and our services. 

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