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Part 2 of SarcoidosisUK’s video with Dr Muhuthan Thillai at Papworth Hospital in Cambridge. Dr Thillai is the Lead Clinician for the Cambridge Interstitial Lung Disease Unit. He is a Respiratory Consultant who has worked with sarcoidosis patients at many expert centres across the world including Cleveland Clinic and Imperial College. He has strong clinical and research interests in cardiac sarcoidosis and is therefore a cross-disciplinary expert in both lung and heart sarcoidosis. Dr Thillai co-authored the BTS Statement on Pulmonary Sarcoidosis (2020).

SarcoidosisUK funded Dr Thillai to conduct a 3-year research project into cardiac sarcoidosis biomarkers in 2016. He is a member of the SarcoidosisUK Clinical Board and has contributed to SarcoidosisUK Patient Information on cardiac sarcoidosis.

In this video, he answers key questions about cardiac sarcoidosis. He also discusses cardiac sarcoidosis research and treatment guidelines.

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