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Coronavirus (Covid-19)

To ensure people have accurate information we have teamed up with specialists to bring the information below. This is a rapidly evolving situation – please check our social media channels or this page for updates. We will also be sending out updates in our newsletter

This is a financially very challenging time for the charity. It is normally the time when the majority of funds come in. However, the vast majority of events that fundraisers and their generous supporters would participate in have been cancelled. Please consider setting up a monthly donation to help us through this difficult time.

Coronavirus FAQ

We have created a set of Frequently Asked Questions including information on social distancing and medication. You can find the FAQs here.

Sarcoidosis and Coronavirus Survey

The SarcoidosisUK Sarcoidosis and Coronavirus Survey is an online survey collecting information on the experiences of sarcoidosis patients during the coronavirus pandemic. It covers coronavirus symptoms and impact for those who have contracted, or think they have contracted, the virus, as well as questions on the impact of shielding and lockdown. The data will be used to help advocate for sarcoidosis patients. For more information Klik her. To take the survey Klik her.

Sarcoidosis and Covid-19 Patient Letter

SarcoidosisUK have created a letter for patients to carry on them to pass to clinicians should they be hospitalised with cornanvirus. This includes pertinent information about sarcoidosis for clinicians. rescription(s). This letter is in draft form and will be updated as soon as possible. Click here to download the letter.

Sarcoidosis and Covid-19 Shielding Letter

SarcoidosisUK have made available a letter explaining our position, based on Government guidance, on shielding for use with employers and medical professionals. Click here to download the letter.

Press Releases 

Underlying Conditions and Coronavirus Treatment Portal Press Release

We urgently need an “Underlying Conditions and Coronavirus Treatment Portal” to increase survival rates for vulnerable groups and to preserve NHS resources from being spent treating easily avoided complications. Click her for Underlying Conditions and Coronavirus Treatment Portal Press Release.


Lung Conditions and Coronavirus Badges Press Release

We’re raising awareness of the challenges for people with coughs caused by underlying conditions. Click her for our Lung Conditions and Coronavirus Badges Press Release. Order one of our helpful badges in our shop.

Coronavirus – Video 1

Klik her to view our first Q&A with our Clinical Board Member Dr Robina Coker, consultant in respiratory medicine at Hammersmith Hospital, London.  Recorded on 14th February 2020.

Coronavirus – Video 2

Klik her to view our second Q&A Dr Robina Coker which builds upon the information provided in the first video as the situation developed. Recorded on 6th March 2020.

Coronavirus – Video 3

Klik her to view our third Q&A Dr Robina Coker which provides information on, amongst other things, shielding. Recorded on 4th April 2020.

Coronavirus – Video 4

Klik her to view our video with Dr Lisa Spencer, Consultant Respiratory Physician and Chair of the British Thoracic Society Interstitial Lung Disease registry programme. Recorded on 11th April 2020.

Coronavirus – Video 5

Klik her to view our latest Q&A video with Dr Robina Coker which provides updated advice and information on the coronavirus outbreak for people with sarcoidosis. Recorded on 23rd April 2020.

Awareness Badges

We have released new badges for patients with sarcoidosis and other non-contagious lung diseases to explain coughs and protect them in public. Click her to view our new badges section in the store.

Awareness Posters

We have created new posters for patients with sarcoidosis and other non-contagious lung diseases to use during the coronavirus pandemic.

Klik her to download the “My cough is not contagious. I have a lung condition” poster.

Klik her to download the “My cough is not contagious. It’s sarcoidosis not coronavirus” poster.

Klik her to download the “I have an underlying condition. Please be extra careful around me” poster.

Government Advice

You can find the most recent government information on Coronavirus (Covid-19) her.

For government guidance for employers see her.

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