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For the Dandelion 250 Fundraising Challenge for Sarcoidosis Awareness Month 2023, Daniela Cruz’s daughter, Sara (age 15), wrote a story about living with sarcoidosis. You can read this impactful story below.

There are many flowers on the field. Roses. Daisies. Tulips. Daffodils. Sunflowers.

But there is one type of flower that may not be as pretty as the others or as colourful as the others but still the most amazing one. That is the dandelion flower.

Dandelions represent one of the most amazing people in the world. The sarcoidosis survivors. The people who brave through sarcoidosis every day of their lives. The people who even when in pain, are still there for you. The people who are stronger than every other flower on the field. The ones that really matter even if you sometimes cannot see them.

Sarcoidosis is an illness that takes many different shapes and forms. It can affect your skin, your lungs, your heart. It is very different for different people just like the different types of dandelions. Some dandelions are tall, some small, some big, some short. After all, there are 250 types of dandelions in the UK

But that doesn’t mean that you should look upon a dandelion with pity. Because chances are that the dandelion is stronger than you think.

Sarcoidosis doesn’t make dandelions any different from all the other flowers in the field. It just makes them more special.

So next time you find a dandelion, remind yourself of the Sarcoidosis warriors and maybe share this story to raise awareness.

Next time you blow on a dandelion and make a wish: hope that everyone could be as strong and brave as the Sarcoidosis warriors.

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