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Create a Festive Facebook Fundraiser – Encourage Friends and Family to Donate

Christmas is just around the corner, a festive season full of lights and mistletoe. However, this period can also be difficult for those suffering from sarcoidosis with the cold weather affecting their energy levels, breathing and exuberating other symptoms.

Please help SarcoidosisUK by creating a Facebook Fundraiser Page and encourage people to donate in lieu of presents. Help raise money for research that will lead to a cure for sarcoidosis, so we can help everyone affected. Creating and sharing the page takes less than 5 minutes but the money you raise can create a lifetime of difference.

All donations are matched by our research partners meaning anything that you raise is worth twice as much.

How Does It Work? It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

1) Start your Fundraiser

Facebook allows you to personalise your Facebook Fundraiser within a few minutes. A template is provide which can be personalised with your own pictures or text. Just click the button below to get started!

2) Ask and Share

Easily shared, your Facebook Festive Fundraiser page allows your family and friends to donate and to help raise money on your behalf.

3) Celebrate!

Your Facebook Fundraiser will contribute to funding vital research for a cure for sarcoidosis. You will receive a pack of cards and a certificate at the end with the amount raised – this can be shared with your friends and family to show the impact you have made.


Help make a difference this Christmas!

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