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Donating to SarcoidosisUK via text is a quick and easy way you can help us fund more life saving research into a cure. Either a one off donation or a monthly contribution. You simply use one of the codes below to choose how much, and how often, you would like to donate.

How It Works

  • Choose how much you donate by including a number at the end of the text of your chosen donation amount.
  • You can donate as little as £1 or as much as £20!
  • Once you’ve sent your text, your donation will be added to your mobile bill or taken off your pay as you go credit.
  • You will also be sent a link which will allows us to automatically claim gift aid – increasing the value of your donation by 25%.

Monthly Donations

  • Each month, you’ll get a free reminder text the day before your donation will be made.
  • Prefer not to give that month? Simply reply ‘SKIP’ within 24 hours of receiving your reminder text, and we won’t take your donation.
  • If you decide you want to stop your monthly donation altogether text ‘STOP’.

Text ‘SARCOID‘ to 70085 for a one-off donation.

This costs the donation plus a standard message rate.

Text ‘SARCOIDUK‘ to 70085 for a monthly donation.

This costs the donation plus a standard message rate.

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