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A free way to connect your life to fundraising for the cause YOU care about.

SarcoidosisUK is now working with GivePenny to give you even more opportunities to help make a difference. With GivePenny there are countless ways to raise funds, as you control what challenges or milestones you set in order to match the fundraising to your lifestyle. GivePenny also helps by integrating various different popular devices and apps (some of which are listed below) to help make tracking your goals easier!

We understand that not everyone has the time or the necessary health to do fundraising events such as marathons, especially those that are affected with symptoms of sarcoidosis such as fatigue. SarcoidosisUK wants to provide the opportunity for people to choose their own methods of fundraising. Create fundraising pages that not only celebrate your own personal milestones but also help to fund research for a cure. Every penny that SarcoidosisUK invest into research is matched by our research partners!

Like taking long walks? Set a step target, strap on a Fitbit and start trekking! Want to cycle to work? Why not let others motivate you by opening a fundraising page with Strava? For those YouTube users you can now embed your videos to help raise money. Whether shared or live, use GivePenny tools to help really make it pop.

Significantly, for the first time ever you can integrate your Spotify account to do Playlist Fundraising! This involves encouraging people to donate by letting them choose a song that will play during your event. Perfect to integrate with running or party events. to get that extra push of donations.


It has never been easier to integrate fundraising into your day-to-day life!

Set a Milestone

Set a Challenge

Connect to Fitbit

Connect to Twitch

Connect to YouTube

Connect to Spotify

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