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Press Release | Underlying Conditions and Coronavirus Treatment Portal

We urgently need an “Underlying Conditions and Coronavirus Treatment Portal” to increase survival rates for vulnerable groups and to preserve NHS resources from being spent treating easily avoided complications. Many people with rare diseases have specific risks that...

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Press Release | Lung Conditions and Coronavirus Badge

 Charity creates “My cough is not coronavirus” badges. SarcoidosisUK releases badges for patients with non-contagious lung diseases to explain coughs and protect them in public. One badge reads “My cough is not contagious. It’s sarcoidosis not coronavirus”. Originally...

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GivePenny | Fundraise with Spotify, Fitbit, YouTube and More

A free way to connect your life to fundraising for the cause YOU care about. SarcoidosisUK is now working with GivePenny to give you even more opportunities to help make a difference. With GivePenny there are countless ways to raise funds, as you control what...

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Information on Coronavirus

For updated information please visit our coronavirus page.   The emergence of the coronavirus may be particularly worrying for people with sarcoidosis. The symptoms of coronavirus (fever, cough, sore throat and difficulty breathing) can also be symptoms of...

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An Introduction from Our New Senior Executive

An Introduction from Our New Senior Executive My name’s Alan and I joined SarcoidosisUK at the start of January as Senior Executive. For now, Jack and I will be job sharing before he moves to becoming a trustee of the charity.  I am absolutely delighted to have...

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Join Us At the SarcoidosisUK Gloucester Event!

SarcoidosisUK is in partnership to host Gloucester Event! For the first time ever Gloucester Marathon has chosen SarcoidosisUK as their sponsored event. This is amazing for the charity not only due to the addition funds that will be gained through receiving entrance...

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SarcoidosisUK has a new Corporate Partner!

SarcoidosisUK is entering a partnership with QX Bathroom Products QX Bathroom Products are a family-run, family-owned business based in Kent importing and distributing bathroom products throughout the UK.   Olivia Andrews from QX Bathooms explained: “Founded by...

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Not Long Until Christmas – Help Raise Funds This Festive Season!

Create a Festive Facebook Fundraiser - Encourage Friends and Family to Donate Christmas is just around the corner, a festive season full of lights and mistletoe. However, this period can also be difficult for those suffering from sarcoidosis with the cold weather...

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New BTS Clinical Statement on Sarcoidosis – Have Your Say!

The British Thoracic Society (BTS) are leading a new Clinical Statement on Pulmonary Sarcoidosis. They are currently asking for members of the public to review and comment on the document. The Statement is being written by a group of experts from across the UK, led by...

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Doctors’ Dive! – Bungee Jump Event to Raise Money for SarcoidosisUK

On the 16th of November five of our doctors from the Royal Derby Hospital Respiratory team took part in a charity bungee jump to aid patients with sarcoidosis. This involved jumping from a crane and was done in order to help raise money for SarcoidosisUK. The brave...

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SarcoidosisUK Christmas Cards Are Now Available In 2 Sizes!

2019 Christmas Card Packs Are Now Available on the SarcoidosisUK Shop Congratulations to Lucy Summers who has won the SarcoidosisUK Christmas Card Design Competition 2019! We have turned Lucy's winning design into a bespoke Christmas Card which is now available to...

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SarcoidosisUK Charity Ball Raises Over £30,000!

Last month the Andrews family hosted a SarcoidosisUK Charity Ball. This event concluded a series of events accomplished by the family throughout 2019, with the intention of raising money for our charity in memory of their beloved wife and mother Carolyn Andrews, who...

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The Start of the SarcoidosisUK Auction!

Charity Auction - Halloween Town Paper Construction SarcoidosisUK is happy to announce the launching of the SarcoidosisUK. With Halloween so close we decided to give you a taster of things to come by releasing the first prize today! It is a beautiful Hand-made Paper...

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Christmas Card Design Competition 2019 – Only a Week Left!

SarcoidosisUK is excited to announce the start of the Christmas Card Design Competition! It is that time again! Get involved and design a festive SarcoidosisUK Christmas card. The winning design will be professionally made and sold on the SarcoidosisUK Shop! We are...

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SarcoidosisUK Awareness is Entering a New Sport – Vroom Vroom!

SarcoidosisUK has officially entered a partnership with the Hopkins motorcycle racing team and their promising young motorcycle racer Luke Hopkins! This will help raise awareness of the charity by: Being included on his promotional materials Having the charity logo...

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SarcoidosisUK Patient Information Videos

SarcoidosisUK are very excited to announce our newest information service - Patient Information Videos. We have visited sarcoidosis experts across the UK and filmed them explaining sarcoidosis in their own way. We know that the resulting videos will help anyone...

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Staying Cool in the Heatwave – Advice for Sarcoidosis Patients

Tempratures are set to reach record temperates this summer. Many people affected by sarcoidosis are more at risk of health problems such as dehydration, heat exhaustion and heatstroke. SarcoidosisUK are concerned about patients, particularly those with breathing...

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SarcoidosisUK Nurse Helpline Receives £7,000 Grant!

We are delighted to announce that The Hospital Saturday Fund (HSF) has provided SarcoidosisUK with an incredible £7,000 grant! This grant is designated towards the ongoing costs and expansion of the SarcoidosisUK Nurse Helpline over the next year.The...

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Sarcoidosis Awareness Gets a Boost! – SarcoidosisUK Forms Partnership with Bromley FC

SarcoidosisUK has officially formed a partnership with Bromley Football Club to help raise awareness and to cooperate with fundraising. This will be transformational for the charity. This Vanarama National League club has done so much for various charities over the...

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The SarcoidosisUK Facebook Group Has Reached 3000 Members!

With sarcoidosis being such a rare disease it can be difficult for anyone affected to find other people who truly understand what they are going through. That is why we are so proud of our latest landmark achievement of reaching the 3000th member in our SarcoidosisUK...

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Sarcoidosis Awareness Month Was a Smashing Success! – Find Out the Winner of the National Quiz!

SarcoidosisUK and our community have been celebrating Sarcoidosis Awareness Month throughout April. We have had lots of exciting events to help raise the profile of the condition and to raise more funds for important research.Sarcoidosis Awareness Month...

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Research Project 2018 Announced Alongside University of Hull

SarcoidosisUK are thrilled to announce that we have committed £60,000 to a clinical trial at the University of Hull. Researchers will be testing an antibiotic medication  to analyse its effectiveness in reducing mTOR activity in sarcoidosis patients. We are delighted...

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