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Information on Coronavirus

For updated information please visit our coronavirus page.   The emergence of the coronavirus may be particularly worrying for people with sarcoidosis. The symptoms of coronavirus (fever, cough, sore throat and difficulty breathing) can also be symptoms of...

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Join Us At the SarcoidosisUK Gloucester Event!

SarcoidosisUK is in partnership to host Gloucester Event! For the first time ever Gloucester Marathon has chosen SarcoidosisUK as their sponsored event. This is amazing for the charity not only due to the addition funds that will be gained through receiving entrance...

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SarcoidosisUK has a new Corporate Partner!

SarcoidosisUK is entering a partnership with QX Bathroom Products QX Bathroom Products are a family-run, family-owned business based in Kent importing and distributing bathroom products throughout the UK.   Olivia Andrews from QX Bathooms explained: “Founded by...

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New BTS Clinical Statement on Sarcoidosis – Have Your Say!

The British Thoracic Society (BTS) are leading a new Clinical Statement on Pulmonary Sarcoidosis. They are currently asking for members of the public to review and comment on the document. The Statement is being written by a group of experts from across the UK, led by...

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SarcoidosisUK Charity Ball Raises Over £30,000!

Last month the Andrews family hosted a SarcoidosisUK Charity Ball. This event concluded a series of events accomplished by the family throughout 2019, with the intention of raising money for our charity in memory of their beloved wife and mother Carolyn Andrews, who...

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Sarcoidosis Awareness Gets a Boost! – SarcoidosisUK Forms Partnership with Bromley FC

SarcoidosisUK has officially formed a partnership with Bromley Football Club to help raise awareness and to cooperate with fundraising. This will be transformational for the charity. This Vanarama National League club has done so much for various charities over the...

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Sarcoidosis Awareness Month Was a Smashing Success! – Find Out the Winner of the National Quiz!

SarcoidosisUK and our community have been celebrating Sarcoidosis Awareness Month throughout April. We have had lots of exciting events to help raise the profile of the condition and to raise more funds for important research.Sarcoidosis Awareness Month...

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Sarkoidoosi ja väsymys

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