SarcoidosisUK is trying to make it even easier for you to help donate money towards the Sarcoidosis cause.

With our new partnership with ‘Donr’ we now have a fundraising platform that allows you to donate not only through their website but also through your mobile phone.  This means that you can either pay on the spot or have any donations simply added to your monthly phone bill!  No hassle and no fuss.

We have a fantastic campaign page that explores the reasons behind our logo; what research is being funded and other information that ensures you understand exactly to who and where your money is going towards.

You can also collect beautiful badges as a symbol of your generous donation!

To check out the campaign page click the following link:

This launch is made in support of the SarcoidosisUK’s 20th Anniversary campaign, signalling the 20 years that the charity has existed to help the community. We are extremely proud of this milestone and the work that has been done during this time. Of course this would not have been possible without the help of the community.
All donations we receive are dedicated towards fantastic research that is currently being conducted. This particular campaign is going towards funding the mTOR research project. This involves studying how the protein called mTOR activating can lead to sarcoidosis granuloma being formed. Researchers were able to use remove the granulomas from rats using various drugs.

SarcoidosisUK now want to build on these findings and fund research into the equivalent mTOR sensor in humans.

To read more follow the link: 

Donate to the cause today so that we can continue aiding others and paving the way towards a cure.

Thank you for your fantastic support!

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