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The iD Project

Travel to the beautiful island of Dominica as one British man documents his journey of discovery, of identity and learns about the birthplace of his late father.

SarcoidosisUK are the proud hosts of  The iD Project, which premieres in April 2019  

The iD Project is a film by SarcoidosisUK Trustee Richard Etienne, inspired by his father who sadly passed away from sarcoidosis in 2004. All proceeds from the ticket sales and donations collected on the night will be donated to SarcoidosisUK and the Dominica Relief Fund. 

Watch the trailer and read more about the film below.

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Dominica is a country I so badly want to call ‘home’. However with a mind filled with unconfirmed truths, myths and warnings from my Dominican-born members of my family, I realised I developed a range of unhelpful conceptions of our islands’ history and culture.

I was very close to my father. He was my best friend, my idol and someone who believed in me unconditionally. He sadly passed away in 2004 after a number of illnesses, including sarcoidosis.
This film will documents my first journey to the Caribbean island of Dominica as I retrace my father’s footsteps to discover inspiring home truths and the breath-taking beauty of Dominica first-hand.

The film features contributions from renowned sarcoidosis specialist Professor Athol Wells as well as accounts from Dominican artists, entrepreneurs, historians and politicians. This film reveals the underbelly of Dominica and the people who create the culture of this beautiful island – putting a small, uncelebrated country, firmly on the map.

Richard Etienne

Director and Producer, The iD Project

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