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Who Are SarcoidosisUK?

SarcoidosisUK (previously SILA) was founded in 1997 and has been helping people with sarcoidosis ever since. All members of the Board have personal experience of sarcoidosis.

SarcoidosisUK is a charity funded solely from personal donations – of both time and money. Sarcoidosis is a rare disease and suffers from poor quality information, low levels of support and almost no research into finding a cure. SarcoidosisUK works to change that. Information and support is mostly done by volunteers allowing us to put the vast majority of funds into research.

SarcoidosisUK invest the vast majority of our income into high quality sarcoidosis research. We are committed to this funding programme each and every year until we have found a cure for the condition. Until then, we will provide the best information and support possible for those affected by sarcoidosis.

Henry Shelford

Chairman, SarcoidosisUK

Our Goals

SarcoidosisUK has four goals:

  1. Information: Providing accurate and detailed information to people with sarcoidosis, their carers, and medical professionals.
  2. Support: We provide emotional support for people with sarcoidosis and their carers by telephone, email, via social media and at our support groups across the UK.
  3. Finding a cure: SarcoidosisUK raises funds and invests them into focused medical research that works directly to finding a cure for sarcoidosis.
  4. Awareness: We recognise the lack of understanding and awareness from both the medical profession and the general public regarding sarcoidosis. We aim to change this.

The Dandelion Logo

The dandelion in our logo represents the person (you) and the wind represents sarcoidosis.

The dandelion represents the different ways that sarcoidosis can affect people. For some, the sarcoidosis wind blows softly, leaving the dandelion intact. For others, the wind blows more strongly, causing far more damage. And there are those for whom the wind blows through completely and these blown away seeds represent the remaining thoughts and impressions the person has left on the world.

It reminds us every day that the sarcoidosis wind is blowing and we must fund research to stop it. Together we can achieve that.

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