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Fundraising for a cause you are passionate about is exciting and inspiring. The more money you raise the more lives of people with sarcoidosis you can help change. Below you will find resources to help get you started, including instructions to set up a JustGiving page and our downloadable SarcoidosisUK Fundraising Guide, filled with information and ideas.

Setting up a JustGiving Page – It’s Easy!

For your online fundraising page, we recommend using Just Giving. It’s quick and easy. Just click the button below (opens page in new window) and follow the steps below to create your page:

  1. Either – Register an account. (It’s easy. You can use your Facebook account to create an account if you like.)     /     Or – Log into your existing account.
  2. Click [Start Fundraising].
  3. When asked ‘Are you fundraising for a registered charity?’, select [Yes, continue].
  4. Search for ‘SarcoidosisUK’. (You can also search us by our charity number: 1063986.)
  5. JustGiving will ask you whether: you’re taking part in an event, celebrating an occasion, fundraising in memory or doing your own thing.
  6. If you can’t see your event listed (e.g. London Marathon), select [Add your own] at the bottom of the page and write a bit more about your activity.
  7. Choose your web address – this is the link you’ll be sharing with friends and family when asking them to donate.
  8. Tick [Yes] if you’re running a bake sale, or selling tickets to an event, raffle or auction. Donations to your Page won’t be eligible for Gift Aid. (You can find out more about Gift Aid under Money Matters, below).
  9. Click [Create your page].

The climb took us 6 days. All Ben and I wanted was a big mad adventure, we’re both into climbing and this looked like something we could accomplish with a bit of persistence and training. People thought we were daft but it really was a once in a lifetime adventure.

Ben and I like to think we’re strong willed, tough and determined, but I’m nothing on how strong willed and tough my mum is. She’s fought through a lot in her life, her battle with Sarcoidosis being her most recent fight.

It was an honour to raise money for a charity that is able to help someone like my mum. Walking up 19,000ft is nothing in comparison to the daily climb someone who suffers with Sarcoidosis is up against.

SarcoidosisUK Fundraiser Matt

Matt and his friend Ben climbed Mt Kilimanjaro for SarcoidosisUK in 2017

Justgiving Tips – Get the Most Out of Your Page

 Your Fundraising Page is now set up and ready to accept donations. JustGiving send the money that you raise to SarcoidosisUK on a weekly basis. Now you can start on the fun stuff – personalising your page and sharing it friends and family.

Some tips:

  • Start early – gives your friends and family more time to follow your journey and to donate
  • Tell your story. People will give more if they know why you care about SarcoidosisUK.
  • Set a target. Pages with a fundraising target raise 46% more. So be brave and tell them your goal.
  • Add pictures to your page. Fundraisers who do this raise 14% more per photo.
  • Provide friends with updates. Update your friends with photos of you training or fundraising. Add them onto your page and re-share on social media – your friends will be impressed and will be more inclined to donate!
  • Thank people. Individually or through social media. Thanking people is a demonstrate gratitude for the help that they provided and will encourage them to donate again in the future.
  • Post-event fundraising. Just because the event is over does not mean that you need to stop fundraising. 20% of donations come in after an event has ended, so make sure you follow up the event with an update about how you did.

Promoting Your Event – Get the Word Out

Setting up an amazing page is very important, but just as important is making sure that as many people know about your event as possible. Spread awareness of your event is an important step in hitting your target.

Some Tips:

  • The power of social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many others. By repeatedly posting about your event and the progress made it can be a great way to reach a massive range of people.
  • Harnessing the hashtag. When using twitter remember to include relevant hashtags to ensure that the maximum amount of people see it.
  • Emailing your contacts. A great way to get the ball rolling is to email your friends and closest family first. An empty page may be intimidating for some donors, and so a few donations will encourage others to donate as well.
  • Contact local press. Reach out to local papers or your local radio station. A bit of exposure can really make a massive difference.
  • Hang up posters. Seems a little old fashioned but is a great way to generate interest within the community, especially if you’re organising a local event.

Prizes for Your Events – Get Tempting Prizes

Some events require you to entice your guests with fantastic prizes and rewards, such as raffles, auctions and quizzes. It is great to know ways to gather these prizes from various sources so that you can lower expenditures and maximise the amount donated.

Some Tips:

  • Start early. Make sure that you leave yourself plenty of time before you start. It can take businesses, especially big brands, time to contact the correct person to be able to give you a prize. Do keep in mind that some prizes may have expiry dates.
  • Think outside the box. When searching it’s best not to just look for items. Asking for services can be a great way to have a good range of prizes, such as cooking lessons or personal training sessions.
  • Contact friends and family. Contact those closest to you and see if they would be willing to donate any potential prizes for your event.
  • Contact brands. Contacting larger companies is a great way to get prizes, as they tend to have a positive disposition towards charity events as part of their CSR policy. Supermarkets especially are a great one to contact as many have a monthly budget for charities.
  • Contact local businesses. Local businesses are great to gain prizes. You tend to be able to see the decision maker so tend to be able to pick up the prizes quickly.
  • Use the template. In order to be helpful we have created a template that can be found in resources below. Can be sent as a letter or email. It is a great first step to get you started and can be edited  however you think best.
  • Signed memorabilia. Do you know anyone who has connections to celebrities, sport figures or artists? Great way to get a gift that does not cost much in value but it’s sentimental value means it may be popular with your guests.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask! Most importantly do not be afraid to ask whoever. You are raising money for a great cause and people will likely sense that confidence in you. Worst thing they can do is say no!
  • Group smaller items together. You have gathered all these prizes from different locations but try not to auction off prizes that are too low in value. Group your items into baskets to increase its desirability. Remember quality over quantity!

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