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SarcoidosisUK believe in high quality, detailed information. We know that sarcoidosis patients often feel confused and isolated by their condition. Our patient information leaflets are a fantastic resource to help educate anyone affected by sarcoidosis.

Medical Information Leaflets

The following medical information leaflets have been written by SarcoidosisUK in partnership with various sarcoidosis specialists. They have been printed and distributed to the top sarcoidosis consultants and clinics across the UK.

The leaflets below are all downloadable in pdf format – just click on the text to open a new window.


Other Information Leaflets

Who We Are and What We Do

SarcoidosisUK have produced a general information leaflet about the charity and the work we do. This is perfect for distributing at fundraising and awareness events to educate the public on the goals of the charity.

Click here to read and download the Who We Are and What We Do leaflet.

Employers Information Leaflet

This leaflet is designed to be given directly to your employer. It will help:

  • explain sarcoidosis to the employer and potential changes to expect in their employee
  • instil the potential seriousness of the condition
  • give some practical advice about how to manage an employee with sarcoidosis, including roles and responsibilities

Click here to read and download the Information for Employers Leaflet


SarcoidosisUK’s medical information leaflets are a fantastic resource for both patients and medical professionals. I found them very useful and of great quality. Thank you!

Dr Paul Minnis

Consultant Respiratory Physician Interstitial Lung Disease, Sarcoidosis Clinic, Antrim Area Hospital, Northern Ireland

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