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If you are concerned about travelling with sarcoidosis, consult your GP or consultant before booking. You should also first check health insurance policies to ensure you can be covered.

European Health Insurance Card

Anyone travelling in countries of the European Economic Area or Switzerland should – in good time before travelling – obtain a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). This can give you access to the national health services of some other countries, often under particular conditions – so check first. Remember to order your card through the NHS website rather than unofficial websites who will unnecessarily take money.

NHS guidance on the EHIC.

Health Insurance for People with Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

SarcoidosisUK have a partnership with Policyclever – the experts in insurance for anyone with a pre-existing medical condition. Policyclever explain how car insurance, travel insurance and private medical insurance (PMI) works for people who may suffer with pre-existing medical conditions, a physical disability or visual impairment, to make sure they find the right policy provider for them.

Policyclever can help you find the best travel insurance. Visit Policyclever now!

You might also find useful information this guide form Which?, Medical Travel Compared or on MoneySupermarket.com.

The EHIC is no substitute for private health insurance. The insurance providers listed below are reported to offer travel insurance to people with pre-existing medical conditions. SarcoidosisUK has not been in contact with any of these companies. The list is provided for information only and does not constitute a recommendation.

Further Travel Advice

You can find general information and advice about travelling abroad with a health condition here:

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