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Facebook Fundraising is an amazing way utilise social media to help raise funds for SarcoidosisUK.

How Does It Work? It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

1) Start your Fundraiser

Facebook allows you to personalise your Facebook Fundraiser within a few minutes. You can create a Fundraiser for an event, a birthday or any other time you choose!

2) Ask and Share

Easily shared, your Facebook Fundraiser page allows your family and friends to donate and to help raise money on your behalf.

3) Celebrate!

Your Facebook Fundraiser will contribute to funding vital research for a cure for sarcoidosis. You will receive a certificate at the end with the amount raised – this can be shared with your friends and family to show the impact you have made.


Facebook Fundraiser

Thank you so much for your interest in fundraising for SarcoidosisUK, you are a superstar! A Facebook Fundraiser can be created in minutes but can result in a life changing difference for those suffer from sarcoidosis. 

See the images below to see what’s involved in the simple process setting up a Fundraiser.


Birthday Fundraiser

Birthdays are a wonderful celebration, and a chance for friends and family to all come together to celebrate you! Why not use this opportunity as a chance to change lives by getting your loved ones to donate to your Birthday Fundraiser? 

See the images below to see what’s involved in the simple process setting up a Birthday Fundraiser.

Birthday Reminder

Is your birthday not for some time? No problem!

Fill in the form below and we’ll be in contact with a reminder when you can start your Birthday Fundraiser.


Wszystko, co SarcoidosisUK poprawia świadomość sarkoidozy. Zobacz, jak możesz się zaangażować.


SarcoidosisUK finansuje wiodące na świecie badania nad sarkoidozą. Naszym celem jest znalezienie lekarstwa na ten stan.

Skontaktuj się z SarcoidosisUK

Aby zamówić więcej ulotek, skontaktuj się z nami. Ulotki mogą być wysyłane luzem do lekarzy. 

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