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The SarcoidosisUK Sarcoidosis and Coronavirus Survey is an online survey collecting information on the experiences of sarcoidosis patients during the coronavirus pandemic. It covers coronavirus symptoms and impact for those who have contracted, or think they have contracted, the virus, as well as questions on the impact of shielding and lockdown. The data will be used to help advocate for sarcoidosis patients.

The aim of this survey is to understand how the current situation is affecting sarcoidosis patients. This includes their experience of lockdown, shielding and, if applicable, treatment for coronavirus.

Ideally, we would prefer sarcoidosis patients to complete the survey. However, if someone with sarcoidosis is unable to complete it for whatever reason, a family member/carer can complete the survey on their behalf.

We will use this information to direct our advocacy work so we can best represent sarcoidosis patients, inform future service provision and contribute to a greater understanding of how rare disease patients are affected by coronavirus.

Your response can be anonymous unless you choose to leave your contact details. If you have any any questions, please contact us on info@sarcoidosisuk.org or 020 3389 7221.

CLICK HERE to participate in the SarcoidosisUK Sarcoidosis and Coronavirus Survey!

Sarcoidosis and Coronavirus Survey

Every single response is crucial to understanding more about how sarcoidsos patients are impacted by coronavirus.

What will happen to my data if I complete the survey?

SarcoidosisUK will use the data we collect anonymously and as group data. This means you will never be identified in any published research.

Before you take part you will need to have read and agree with the SarcoidosisUK Data Protection and Privacy Policy and consent to SarcoidosisUK and SarcoidosisUK’s trusted research partners using your anonymised data in research into sarcoidosis.

SarcoidosisUK will store your responses securely in line with GDPR. For more information please read the SarcoidosisUK Data Protection and Privacy Policy.

Why should I take part in the survey?

The more participants we have, the more meaningful the data will be. This means it will have more impact when we use it to advocate for the needs of sarcoidosis patients.

I haven't had coronavirus symptoms - should I still complete the survey?

Yes. We are interested in hearing from anyone affected by sarcoidosis. Our questions are not only about how the virus has affected you but how lockdown and shielding have impacted on you.

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