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In 2015 we committed over £100,000 to a project investigating protein molecules to identify targets for new sarcoidosis-specific therapies.


SarcoidosisUK commissioned a 2-year academic research project in partnership with the British Lung Foundation. The project is investigating protein molecules affecting monocyte (a type of white blood cell that regulates immunity against foreign substances, left) function in sarcoidosis. Studying the immune response in sarcoidosis in this way may identify targets for specific new therapies.


Castle Hill Hospital, Hull York Medical School


Dr Simon Hart, Senior Lecturer in Respiratory Medicine at the Hull York Medical School



Project Dates

2016 – 2018

A monocyte white blood cell. Dr Hart’s research is investigating impairments to monocyte cells in sarcoidosis patients.

“We are very grateful to SarcoidosisUK for funding our research which aims to understand the over-active immune response in pulmonary sarcoidosis by studying biomarkers in blood samples. We anticipate that our findings from this part [year 1] of the study will determine: 1) whether blood biomarkers are stable over time; and 2) whether blood biomarkers could be used in future studies to help predict disease progression, remission, or responsiveness to therapy.”

Dr Simon Hart

Senior Lecturer in Respiratory Medicine , Hull York Medical School

“We aim to show whether regulatory receptors could be used to identify, early on, whether sarcoidosis is likely to worsen or improve. By extending our knowledge of the immune dysfunction in sarcoidosis, it could pave the way for clinical trials in patients of drugs [that could provide therapeutic relief of symptoms].”

Dr Simon Hart

Senior Lecturer in Respiratory Medicine , Hull York Medical School

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