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In 2016 we committed over £100,000 to a project identifying biomarkers that could help identify cardiac sarcoidosis.


Sarcoidosis involving the heart can present severe risks of heart rhythm disturbances and even sudden death. Early detection of cardiac sarcoidosis, therefore, is critical. The SarcoidosisUK-BLF Sarcoidosis Research grant will enable a team to investigate the best non-invasive diagnostic tests to identify cardiac disease and identify potential blood-based biomarkers that could indicate cardiac disease.


Papworth Hospital, Cambridge


Dr Muhunthan Thillai, Lead Clinician & Consultant Chest Physician of Cambridge Interstitial Lung Disease Unit



Project Dates

2017 – 2020

Papworth Hospital Research Team: (L-R) Dr Muhunthan Thillai, Lead Clinician & Consultant Chest Physician, Dr Lynne Williams, Consultant Cardiologist, Dr Katharine Tweed, Radiologist, and Dr Sharad Agarwal, Consultant Cardiologist.

“This is an exciting collaboration between Papworth Hospital and Imperial College London. Using a sequence of cardiac tests to identify patients at risk, could transform the lives of so many sarcoidosis patients.

Additionally, the potential of using state-of-the-art protein sequencing to identify blood markers in predicting cardiac disease, could open up more opportunities for early diagnosis.”

Dr Muhunthan Thillai

Lead Clinician and Consultant Chest Physician of Cambridge Interstitial Lung Disease Unit , Papworth Hospital, Cambridge

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