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In 2017 we committed £120,000 to a project analysing breath samples from sarcoidosis patients to try to identify a cause.


Sarcoidosis is thought to be caused by the patient’s immune system overreacting to an unknown substance in the air that is breathed in. This project will analyse breath sample from sarcoidosis patients. The data will tell us more about a number of important issues relating to sarcoidosis, such as its cause, the importance of lung infection and inflammation, and whether it is responding to treatment.


University of Manchester


Dr Steven Fowler, Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant in Respiratory Medicine at the University of Manchester



Project Dates

2018 – 2021

Dr Steven Fowler, University of Manchester, has been awarded the 2017 SarcoidosisUK-BLF Sarcoidosis Research Grant.

“We are really grateful to Sarcoidosis UK and the British Lung Foundation for awarding us this prestigious grant. We are going to use it to investigate whether there we can detect chemical signals in the breath that can give us information about the severity, the presence of infection and/or inflammation, and perhaps the cause of sarcoidosis in any individual.  Whilst the analysis of these breath samples is complex, the collection procedure itself is very simple, and would offer significant advantages compared to current methods of sampling the lungs.”

Dr Steven Fowler

Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant in Respiratory Medicine , University of Manchester

“We are thrilled to be in a position to fund Dr Fowler’s research. The prospect of being able to find out more about possible environmental causes of sarcoidosis from a simple and non-invasive breath analysis is extremely exciting for us and the patients we support. We are very much looking forward to seeing the results that will come from this investment.”

Henry Shelford

Chairperson , SarcoidosisUK

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