SarcoidosisUK is one of the worlds leading investors in research into sarcoidosis. We are committed to finding a cure.

Sarcoidosis is a rare disease and does not receive sufficient attention from pharmaceutical companies or medical researchers.

SarcoidosisUK may be small but we are a leading investor in sarcoidosis research. We have now raised sufficient money to fund a new research project for each of the next three years. With your support, SarcoidosisUK will continue fighting sarcoidosis. To ensure greater efficiency, we conduct our research in partnership with the British Lung Foundation.

SarcoidosisUK aims to fund at least one major sarcoidosis research project each year. We will continue to do this again and again until we have found a cure. We receive no government funding – this research would not be possible without your generous donations.

Read more about our current research projects:


SarcoidosisUK and the British Lung Foundation are inviting full applications for a grant to support sarcoidosis research.

The grant is available to medically qualified applicants, post-doctoral scientists or allied health professionals for clinical, laboratory and/or epidemiological research into sarcoidosis.

Grants are for a specified period of up to three years to a maximum of £120,000.

Applications may seek costs for personnel, equipment and consumables etc. where appropriate. The grant-holding institution must be based in the United Kingdom.

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