Last year, you gave us your ideas and suggestions via the SaroidosisUK Supporter Survey. Many of you asked for an FAQ page on the website. We thought this was a fantastic idea!

The FAQs have been written with the help of a number of patients and experts including the SarcoidosisUK Nurse Helpline staff, Dr M. Wickremasinghe (Imperial College London), Dr H. Adamali (Southmead Hospital) and our SarcoidosisUK Norwich Support Group. Thank you to everyone involved!

The FAQ page is now live! Check it out here. There is lots of information on many sarcoidosis-related topics to help anyone affected by sarcoidosis understand more about what they are going through.

We think these FAQs are a great resource. However if there are other questions that you think should be included, please use the form on the page to submit them. Over time we will do our best to collate these, consult our experts, and add them to the list.

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