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The SarcoidosisUK Nurse Helpline has helped 500 people since it’s inception in 2016! We are extremely proud of this achievement. Sarcoidosis patients are often left in the dark with little information about their condition or support with managing symptoms. The Helpline has been able to support, information and signposting to so many people affected by sarcoidosis who otherwise would have had nowhere to turn. 

The Helpline has spoken to 502 people over the past 25 months. This has included 453 patients, 45 family members and 4 friends of sarcoidosis patients. An amazing 97% of these callers said the support they received was ‘Fantastic’ or ‘Good’. The average wait time between referral and call with the nurse was 4 days and 8 hours (compared to 7 weeks to see a consultant on the NHS!).

“Working for the helpline is a privilege. I have spoken to some of the most amazing people who are contributing to our wealth of knowledge and understanding.”


SarcoidosisUK Nurse

“I really enjoy working on the helpline. It’s great to be able to other support and advice to people with sarcoidosis, and I usually learn something myself as well!”


SarcoidosisUK Nurse

Did you know that every Monday lunchtime you can now chat to the SarcoidosisUK Nurse via Live Chat on the SarcoidosisUK website? If you want support with your sarcoidosis but would rather not use the phone, go online next Monday to get confidential information and support chatting directly with one of our nurses.

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