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The heart can be affected by sarcoidosis in two ways. Firstly, sarcoidosis can occur in the heart muscle itself (cardiac sarcoidosis). Secondly, the heart may be indirectly affected as a result of sarcoidosis in the lungs (pulmonary hypertension). Both conditions can have serious consequences.

Informationen på denna sida har sammanställts med hjälp av sarkoidospecialister Dr. L. Williams & Dr. S. Agarwal, Konsultkardiologer, Dr. K. Tweed, Konsult radiolog och Dr. M. Thillai, Konsultbröstläkare (All Cardiac Sarcoidosis Unit, Royal Papworth Hospital) med ytterligare kommentarer från Dr. M. Wickremasinghe, Andningsvårdspersonal och Dr. A. Varnava, Konsultkardiolog (både Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust).

Sarcoidos och Hjärtat

The heart can be affected by sarcoidosis in two ways. Firstly, sarcoidosis can occur in the heart muscle itself (cardiac sarcoidosis). Secondly, the heart may be indirectly affected as a result of sarcoidosis in the lungs (pulmonary hypertension). Both conditions can have serious consequences.

Kardial Sarcoidos

Cardiac sarcoidosis occurs when the heart muscle itself is affected. The accumulation of immune cells causes clumps of tissue called granulomas. These can occur in the heart in different places:

• left or right ventricles and interventricular septum (wall in-between the ventricles)
• papillary muscles (connected to the heart valves)
• pericardium (thin sac lining the heart)
• cardiac conduction system (muscles regulating the heart beat)
• and less often the left or right atrium (upper chamber)

Cardiac sarcoidosis occurs in up to a third of all sarcoidosis patients, but only causes specific symptoms in around 5% of cases.


Symptoms of cardiac sarcoidosis include:

  • irregular heartbeat (pounding or fluttering sensation, or a ‘skipping of beats’)
  • dizziness and/or fainting spells
  • shortness of breath
  • bröstsmärta
  • swelling of the legs (in later stages)


Pulmonary sarcoidosis (sarcoidosis of the lungs) can also indirectly affect heart function. Abnormalities of the lungs, and of the blood vessels between the lungs and the heart, can cause an increase in the pressure within the blood vessels in the lungs (pulmonary hypertension). This pressure can then overload the right ventricle. This can occur in up to 15% of all patients with sarcoidosis.

Tekniker för att förstå ditt tillstånd

De flesta nyligen diagnostiserade sarkoidospatienterna kommer att ha ECG, holter monitor och echocardiogram. Misstänkt hjärt sarkoidos patienter kan fortsätta att ha ytterligare diagnostiska test. De flesta av dessa beskrivs nedan.

EKG (elektrokardiogram):  Detta ger information om hjärtans elektriska ledningssystem, liksom hjärtfrekvens och hjärtrytm. 

Echocardiogram (Echo):  Detta använder ultraljudsvågor för att skapa bilder som visar pulsfunktionen hos hjärtkamrarna och hjärtklaffarnas funktion. Det tillåter också mätning av blodtrycket i hjärtkärlen (för att leta efter lunghypertension).

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI):  This scan can identify involvement of sarcoidosis in the heart. Usually you will be injected with a special dye to show any changes to the soft tissue in the heart muscle. MRI images also provide information about heart function.

Nuclear Scans: Thallium scans and PET scans create images that can identify any active inflammation within the heart muscle and can help to guide treatments. For the cardiac PET scan it is important that a strict diet is kept to in the days before the scan (this will be explained to you beforehand).

Holter monitor:  A holter monitor is a small, portable ECG device that takes a continuous recording of your heart rhythm over a longer period of time (usually 24 hours but sometimes longer). It is particularly useful to identify any evidence of problems in the conduction system of the heart (e.g. very fast or slow heart beats or any abnormal rhythms).

Kliniska elektrofysiologiska studier:  En kateter används för att kartlägga hjärtans ledningssystem. Detta kan avslöja abnormaliteter som kan predisponera onormalt långsamma hjärtfrekvenser, liksom eventuella onormalt snabba eller farliga hjärtritningar som kan uppstå från områden med inflammation eller ärrbildning.

Right Heart Catheterisation:  Detta test använder en sond för att mäta trycket i hjärtat och i de närliggande blodkärlen för att bestämma lunghypertensionens engagemang.

Biopsy of the Heart: This is rare and only used when there is a specific reason to do so. Patients who have had a lung biopsy will usually not need a heart biopsy or any further biopsies.

Blood Samples: The following may be tested:

  • angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE)
  • brain natriuretic peptide (BNP)
  • troponin

Treatment: Cardiac Sarcoidosis and Pulmonary Hypertension

Your doctor may prescribe medication to suppress the sarcoidosis:

• Corticosteroids (usually prednisolone tablets) may be used for a number of years. Some patients may require low doses longer term, in combination with other forms of immunosuppression. In severe cases intravenous steroids may be used first before switching to tablets.
• Other medicines that suppress the immune system, for example: methotrexate, mycophenolate or azathioprine.

Dessa läkemedel undertrycker inflammationen men medicinerar inte själva hjärtat.

Treatment: Cardiac Sarcoidosis

Tidig diagnos och behandling med medicinering är viktigt för en gynnsam prognos.

You may be prescribed the following to help regulate heart rhythm or to treat any heart failure:

• specific heart medications (tablets)
• implant a pacemaker or defibrillator (ICD)

Hjärttransplantation kan övervägas. Detta är mycket sällsynt.

Treatment: Pulmonary Hypertension

Medicin kan minska symtomen och förbättra trycket i blodkärlen.

Du kan vara ordinerad:

  • diuretika,
  • endotelinantagonister,
  • prostacykliner.

Lungtransplantation kan övervägas. Detta är mycket sällsynt.

Page last updated: July 2019. Next review: July 2021.

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