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SarcoidosisUK has officially launched its online charity shop!

An amazing selection of various products. Depending on your needs you may be interested in different products. It could be the various gorgeous SarcoidosisUK bags or awareness ribbon you want personally use to represent your relationship with the charity. It could be the t-shirts, leaflets and balloons that you want to get to make your event really stand out. We also have available running vests that are great fashionable attire to wear on the day of your event. Whatever your situation, you will be sure to find something that suits your needs perfectly, while also raising money for a wonderful cause.

All products have been personalised to include the SarcoidosisUK colours and logo in order to help represent the charity.
These items are a fantastic way to help to start much need conversation on the topic of sarcoidosis and help spread awareness as well as information.

Furthermore, each purchase can be considered a donation as 100% of the proceeds from the shop get doubled by our research partners and invested into research for a cure.


Click on the link provided and buy something now!


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