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Sarcoidosis can occur in any organ of the body. In about 90% of patients, sarcoidosis affects the lungs and / or lymph glands. This is also known as ‘pulmonary sarcoidosis’. The information on this page is for anyone affected by pulmonary sarcoidosis.

Інформація на цій сторінці була зібрана за допомогою фахівця з саркоїдозу Prof S. Birring, Consultant Respiratory Physician at Kings College Hospital, London and Prof L.P. Ho, Respiratory Physician at Oxford University NHS Foundation Trust.

Функція легенів і саркоїдоз

The lungs transfer oxygen from the air we breathe into the blood. At the same time, carbon dioxide leaves the blood through the lungs. This exchange happens in the lungs.

In pulmonary sarcoidosis, abnormal immune cells (known as ‘granuloma’) gather in the lungs and disrupt the uptake of oxygen.

These granuloma can also result in scarring. Scarring prevents the lungs stretching fully, and therefore limits their capacity. This in turn leads to loss of fully functional lung tissue and, eventually, shortness of breath.

In addition, these granuloma may develop around the lymphatic (or ‘lymph’) system of the lungs. The lymph system is an important part of the immune system that circulates the immune cells in the body.


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SarcoidosisUK Leaflet – Sarcoidosis and the Lung

Symptoms of Lung Sarcoidosis

Іноді симптоми легеневого саркоїдозу починаються раптово і не тривають довго. У інших пацієнтів симптоми можуть розвиватися поступово і триватимуть багато років.

Деякі люди взагалі не мають жодних симптомів і їм говорять, що вони мають саркоїдоз після звичайного рентгенівського обстеження грудей або інших досліджень.

Часті симптоми легеневого саркоїдозу включають:

  • fatigue and feeling ‘washed out’
  • задишка, особливо при фізичному навантаженні
  • dry and persistent cough
  • біль у грудях

Ви можете прочитати, що консультанти класифікують саркоїдоз у «Стадії саркоїдозу». Насправді це рідко використовувана техніка клініцистів у Великобританії.

Життя з легеневим саркоїдозом

Саркоїдоз вражає людей дуже по-різному - кожен випадок унікальний. Проте для тих, хто живе з саркоїдозом, є спільний досвід.

Звичайно, що пацієнти з саркоїдозом можуть відчувати втомленість і млявість (втома), схуднути або страждати від лихоманки і нічних потів.

Sometimes symptoms may suddenly get worse – this is known as a ‘flare-up’. This may be triggered by stress, infections, a change in environment or, often, nothing recognisable.  

It is important to make sure you eat healthily, pace yourself and talk to friends and family about your sarcoidosis. You should discuss your condition early on with your employer – use the SarcoidosisUK Leaflet Інформація для роботодавців.

Саркоїдоз може залишити пацієнтів страшними і ізольованими - рано визнати проблеми психічного здоров'я і шукати підтримки. Будь ласка контактувати саркоидозомUK або ваш GP для професійної підтримки.

Методи для розуміння вашого стану

Sarcoidosis can be difficult to diagnose, particularly if the symptoms aren’t obvious. Multiple tests or scans may be needed to make a diagnosis.

Рентгенівські промені can give a picture of lung abnormalities. Generally, if abnormalities are found, additional tests are performed to confirm any diagnosis.

Lung Function Tests. Spirometry tests how well you breathe in and out. Lung volume tests measure the total size of your lungs. Gas transfer tests measure the amount of oxygen that passes from your lungs into your blood.

комп'ютерна томографія (also called CAT scan or computed tomography) combines X-rays and computer technology to create detailed images of the inside of your body.

МРТ-сканування use magnetic fields and radio waves. They show some abnormal tissue clearer than CT scans. MRI is rarely used with the lungs but may be useful to check if other organs like the bones and heart are affected.

Бронхоскопія. Your doctor may use a thin flexible camera inserted through your mouth to examine your lungs for signs of sarcoidosis. They may then remove tiny amounts of lung or lymph nodes to help make a diagnosis (a biopsy).

In rare cases, surgery is required to obtain a biopsy. This technique is often used when doctors want to be sure to confirm the disease as sarcoidosis. The most common technique for this is called VATS (video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery).


Sarcoidosis affects people differently and often follows an unpredictable course. Most patients with pulmonary sarcoidosis recover within a few years; sometimes no treatment is needed.

Some patients are more severely affected with symptoms worsening over time – more prolonged treatment may be necessary. This is known as chronic sarcoidosis.  

Treating Pulmonary Sarcoidosis

There is no cure for sarcoidosis. When treatment is required, its purpose is to prevent lung inflammation and scarring, worsening of the disease and to improve quality of life. Treatment can help relieve the symptoms as the disease runs its course.

Many patients experience side-effects from medication. You will discuss with your doctor the best treatment regime for you; regular check-ups may be necessary.

Кортикостероїди (commonly called преднізолон) may be used for a year or more. These drugs act to suppress the disease. A high dose is usually prescribed at the start of the treatment, before being reduced to a ‘maintenance dose’.

NSAIDS (Non-steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs) are anti-inflammatory drugs similar to aspirin; they are also mild painkillers. They are often used to reduce pain (e.g. joint pain).

Methotrexate and Azathioprine can be given in combination with corticosteroids for those with more severe sarcoidosis.

Page last updated: August 2019. Next review: August 2021.

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