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The SarcoidosisUK Nurse Helpline is a free and confidential telephone helpline. We help support patients and anyone else affected by sarcoidosis. All calls are taken by the SarcoidosisUK Nurses who have personal or professional experience of sarcoidosis.

Sarcoidosis patients and their families often find that they do not receive sufficient information and support from their GP, or even specialist. The SarcoidosisUK Nurse Helpline exists to provide anyone affected by sarcoidosis that much needed extra information and support.

The SarcoidosisUK Nurse Helpline is run by nurses who have personal and professional experience of the condition. This means they have a superior knowledge and awareness of sarcoidosis and really do understand what you are going through.

A call with one of the SarcoidosisUK Nurses should give you some reassurance and a better idea of what to expect, especially if you have recently been diagnosed. You may be given tips about how to improve your care such as questions to ask your next appointment or where to look for further information.

To schedule a call, click the button below and let us know how sarcoidosis is affecting you. We will aim to call you back at a convenient time within 4 days.

The SarcoidosisUK Nurse Helpline is a member of the Helplines Partnership.

How the SarcoidosisUK Nurse Helpline works:

  • Schedule a call via the contact form. Alternatively call SarcoidosisUK on 020 3389 7221.
  • It is a call-back service: once you have scheduled a call, the nurse will call you at the next available opportunity.
  • We will let you know the number that the nurse will call on so that you recognise the call.

SarcoidosisUK Nurse Helpline Calls


Callers Rate the Helpline as 'Fantastic' or 'Pretty Good'

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Changed Treatment Plan After the Call

SarcoidosisUK Nurse Helpline Feedback:

“I had a great experience with the SarcoidosisUK helpline and spoke to the most lovely woman. I felt like I could talk freely and I felt for the first time in 2 years that someone was listening to me. So helpful and caring.”

“I felt as though I had nowhere to turn because there is very little awareness and support for those suffering with sarcoidosis – it was very useful to speak with someone who understands life with the condition as well as having the professional expertise. Thank you”

“The helpline was great. There is not much help or information except the internet, so speaking to someone who understands and can answer questions was brilliant, thanks.”

“With this condition you can feel alone as its such a rare condition. It was so lovely to talk to some one who experienced the same condition and fully understood how you felt. She answered all my questions! A huge thank you!!!”

“The nurse was amazing, she put me at ease and just listened and answered all my worries. We were on the call for a while, I was going back and forth, and she just let me talk. Just what i needed – thank you!”

“Can’t thank you enough for the work you provide. Whilst this condition is incurable, it makes the world of difference to know we’re not alone, it makes the days pass more bearably. That’s invaluable so many thanks!!!”

“I have only very recently been diagnosed and really appreciated being able to talk things through with the nurse. It has given me a better understanding of the condition, possible future treatment and some lifestyle measures which I can take.”

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