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COVID-19 UPDATE: All SarcoidosisUK Support Groups are now meeting online. If you would like to host an Online Support Group for people affected by sarcoidosis in your area, please get in touch.

SarcoidosisUK run a network of Support Groups across the UK. Our groups are an opportunity for you to be heard by people who understand what you’re going through, to share experiences of sarcoidosis and learn from each other. You can learn more and find your closest support group on this page.

Talking to other people affected by sarcoidosis can feel very liberating. Unlike anyone else, they understand what you are going through. SarcoidosisUK’s Support Group network brings together people affected by sarcoidosis.

Our groups are really friendly. They usually meet every 4 or 6 weeks in hospitals, community centres, pubs and other public spaces. The groups are all run by volunteers who are personally affected by sarcoidosis.

Anyone affected by sarcoidosis is welcome to join us at our support group meetings. Many people like to also bring a family member, friend or carer. All our venues are all easily accessible and have full disabled access.

Find your closest SarcoidosisUK Support Group using the map below. You can also quickly view upcoming meetings using the calendar view. Click the links on the map or the calendar to find more details and reserve tickets to upcoming meetings. All our meetings are FREE of charge (groups organised via Eventbrite have the option for a voluntary donation).

Please note: Some of our groups use Eventbrite – you will be asked to create a free account before reserving tickets. Other groups organise meetings through Facebook – in this case you will need a Facebook account to access the meeting information. If you cannot use Eventbrite or Facebook but want to attend an upcoming meeting, please contact us for help. 

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Join a SarcoidosisUK Regional Facebook Groups to connect with people in your region:

Can You Help to Run a SarcoidosisUK Support Group?…

Are you affected by sarcoidosis and would like a support group in your area? Do you have the skills required to run a support group? Can you give a few hours a month to help local people with sarcoidosis?

SarcoidosisUK are working to establish a national network of support groups. Our goal is that everyone in the UK with sarcoidosis should be able to meet others living with the condition. If you want a group in your area and you have the skills to help lead a group, please get in touch or fill in the form below. We have lots of experience and resources to help make it happen.

SarcoidosisUK are a tiny charity – we rely on people like you to get these groups off the ground!

Would You Like a SarcoidosisUK Support Group Near You?

SarcoidosisUK are working to establish a national network of support groups. Our goal is that everyone in the UK with sarcoidosis should be able to meet others living with the condition.

New support groups only start if there is demand in that area. Sorry if there is no support group meeting near you – they are reliant on enough interest in that area and a willing organiser. If you would like a group near you, please fill the form below to register your interest in a future group.

SarcoidosisUK will then use this information to contact you if and when a group starts. For longer comments and any problems please contact us. Please note that details you provide may be used to contact you by SarcoidosisUK but will never be shared with third parties.

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