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However sarcoidosis is affecting you, SarcoidosisUK is committed to doing whatever we can to support you. Find out more about our range of support services below.

Welcome to SarcoidosisUK’s Support Hub.

SarcoidosisUK know that sarcoidosis patients often do not get the support they need or deserve. We have listened to you and provided a range of services to help support anyone affected by sarcoidosis.

We aim to connect patients together so they can help support each other. We also provide additional medical support when necessary. Our goal is to ensure that anyone affected by sarcoidosis is able to speak to someone who cares and understands them.

The SarcoidosisUK Nurse Helpline was established in 2016 and has spoken to over 1700 callers; people affected by sarcoidosis in many different ways. Calls are made by part-time NHS nurses who have personal experience of sarcoidosis. They are experts who provide an empathetic, listening ear. Schedule a call now.

The SarcoidosisUK Support Groups network spans the UK, from Plymouth to Perth. Our groups are really friendly and anyone’s invited! They meet every 4-6 weeks in community centres, church halls and hospitals and are run by amazing volunteers with sarcoidosis. Find your local group or start your own.

Our Online Forums are the perfect place to seek support from others with sarcoidosis online. The SarcoidosisUK Facebook group is perfect for general discussion about any sarcoidosis-related topic. The private SarcoidosisUK Forum is a confidential space for discussions away from social media. Join now.

We are very proud of the amazing support SarcoidosisUK provide. However none of it is possible without donations. If you have benefited from our support services, please consider donating today.

Best wishes,

Leo Casimo

Senior Executive, SarcoidosisUK

Nurse Helpline

This is a confidential telephone service run by NHS nurses with personal experience of sarcoidosis. You can talk through any medical queries. This should provide anyone affected by sarcoidosis information and reassurance.

Support Groups

Our groups are really friendly – anyone affected by sarcoidosis is welcome. This is an opportunity for you to be listened to by people who really understand, to share your experiences of sarcoidosis and learn from others.

Online Support

SarcoidosisUK have active online support communities on our Facebook Group and confidential Online Forum. These are great places to ask questions and find out more about other people’s experiences.

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We would love to hear from you. Please get in touch with any questions, comments or suggestions.

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